kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings is a WordPress Plugin that allows blog visitors to involve and interact more effectively with your website by rating posts.



Select where to show the ratings. It can be on homepage, archives, posts, pages or manually.

A visual button in your editor to easily display the ratings manually in your posts/pages. No more typing a shortcode.

Ratings column in your admin posts/pages screen so you can view the statistics at comfort.

Attach tooltips when mouse is hovered while rating with colors.

Choose placement. Top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right.

Change amount of stars anytime you want. Reset ratings for individual posts or the entire site.

Choose your own custom images.

Restrict votings per unique ip.

Adjust frequent messages and strings.


2.4 – 04 June, 2013

  1. Fix: Upper and Lower boundary limits for rating. Oops, had not noticed this before.
  2. Fix: Fuelspeed. Strange! no one ever complained about it.
  3. Update: Revamped the entire javascript (normal: 6.03KB, minified: 4.29KB).
  4. Update: Two fixed decimal points for average and percentage instead of one.
  5. Update: Icon star color from grey to yellow.
  6. Add: Efficient fetching of ratings. No matter how many ratings you may have on a page, they will all be fetched in a single go :)
  7. Add: Rating column can now be sorted in the admin screen.

2.3.1 – 02 June, 2013

  1. Update: Framework updated for no conflict mode with other kk plugins.

2.3 – 25 February, 2013

  1. Add: Ability to exclude specific category(s).

2.2.1 – 09 February, 2013

  1. Update: Restricted admin scripts to render in its own page scope.

2.2  – 13 December, 2012

  1. Fix: jquery ui causing problems in wordpress 3.5. It is removed because no longer required.
  2. Update: Shortcode can contain optional ‘id’ argument to display ratings for a specific post intentionally. e.g. [kkstarratings id=”192″].

2.1  – 24 November, 2012

  1. Fix: Google rich snippets is now stable and safe to use.
  2. Fix: Grammars in admin settings.
  3. Update: Control whether to allow users to rate in archives or not.
  4. Update: Reordered directory tree structure.
  5. Add: Useful hooks and filters for advanced developers.

2.0 – 28 September, 2012

  1. Update: Re-coded the plugin from the ground up, adding rich settings page and more features.
  2. Update: Transparent stars and availability of custom stars as per needs.
  3. Update: Ajax based settings page. No refreshes what so ever.
  4. Update: Seperate settings tab.
  5. Update: Visual flushing of ratings. No need to remember post ids.
  6. Update: [s] added as a variable for use in the legend (description). Will display the s only if there are 0 or more than 1 ratings.
  7. Add: kk Star Ratings now supports Google Rich Snippets. So the ratings will now be indexed in google search.
  8. Add: Visual shortcode button. No need to type in a shortcode manually in your posts/pages when in manual mode.
  9. Add: User specific amount of stars. Forget the fixed 5 stars.
  10. Add: Choose your own images instead of the default ones.
  11. Add: Tooltips. Now you can set tooltips for each star when mouse is hovered on each. You can also set colors.
  12. Add: Adjustment of fueling speed of stars when being loaded or refilling.
  13. Add: Set error message if anything goes unexpectidly.
  14. Add: Set thank you message.

1.7.2 – 19 June, 2012

  1. Fix: This is a fix for the previous version (1.7.1). The plugin was not tagged with the latest files.

1.7.1 – 18 June, 2012

  1. Security Fix: Fixed a security issue in the ajax request for the file inclusion risk. This is a recommended update for all users.

1.7 – 09 May, 2012

  1. Updat: The top rated posts now considers the vote count as well. This is a recommended update for all users.

1.6 – 22 January, 2012

  1. Add: Now you can see a column in the admin screen of posts and pages stating the ratings of each.

1.5 – 20 January, 2012

  1. Fix: Some users complained about a fault: “An error occured” being displayed when someone rates a post. This was due to the charset of the returned response via ajax (Mentioned by jamk). Has been fixed as the ajax response is now retrieved as an xml dom instead of plain text.
  2. Fix: Regardless of unique voting set or not, a user could click on a star multiple times simultaneously and the post would be rated that much time. Has been fixed.
  3. Add: Filter by category in the widget as well as the custom template tag/function.

1.4.1 – 2 November, 2011

  1. Fix: Fixed the issue of saving the settings. Was an issue in v1.4.

1.4 – 28 October, 2011

  1. Updat: Retrieve top rated posts in your template/theme so developers can have more power over it.


  1. Fix: Flushing/removing ratings for widget now included. Thanks to feedback by Glyn.


  1. Update: This includes a widget to show top rated posts :)


  1. Update: Added ability to manually show ratings in template files.


  1. Fix: [avg] error which did not show the average ratings. Now it works :)
  • dandr

    I really like the plug-in , but I cannot used it. I moved the blog to https and the content (stars and so on) is requested over http resulting in an error. This prevents the site to be shown as secure in all browsers….

    How can I set KK Star Ratings to work on https? Thanks!

  • Alan


    I was wondering if it’s possible to get this plugin to apply to custom post types? Either with a shortcode or by adding custom post types to the placement section?

    • bhittani

      Yes. use [kkstarratings id=”CUSTOM-POST-ID”]

  • Alessandro Cattaneo

    Hi, what license kk star rating is under? Is it possibiel to use it in a commercial website? thank you

    • bhittani

      Sure. Go ahead. It’s a free plugin licensed under GPL :)

  • http://www.topfivebuzz.com/ Debarup Mukherjee

    Hi Kamal, first of all thanks for your awesome plugin. I am using this rating plugin for my blog http://www.topfivebuzz.com from last 4 months. It was showing stars in Google which someone search for related keywords and title, also its coming stars with the search like site:topfivebuzz.com though using this not beneficial for me.

    Now the problem is from last month the stars are not showing in google while someone search for perticular keyword and title which is matching with my blog posts.

    The stars are still showing with site:topfivebuzz.com and while testing

    For example –


    For this problem (not showing stars in google search page) I am loosing CTR for my blog. Please help me.

  • Sanc

    Hello. First of all, thanks a lot for this excellent plugin!

    I wonder if you can make a call to get the rating of a certain post inside a loop to show up the total votes or average rating outside a single post.

    Thanks again for your work, bhittani!

    • Sanc

      I got it! I think a little function to get this easier would be a great feature… Something like kk_star_ratings_get_avg(); I just made it out using get_post_meta(get_the_ID(),’_kksr_avg’); and manipulating the result to fix my custom number of stars.

      Anyway, thanks once again! ;)

  • http://seo.qalebfa.ir/ سئو


    I want function code for add kk star rating in category.php for rating category page (i don’t want show rating each post in category )

    In /wp-admin/admin.php?page=bhittani_plugin_kksr_settings I checked Show in Archives but dont show rating please help me

    thank you

    • bhittani

      You may skip categories by mentioning the category id in the options panel, general tab.

      • http://seo.qalebfa.ir/ سئو

        no no

        i want kk rating for category page

        Example :

        I want show kk star rating in bottom of http://seo.qalebfa.ir/cat/blog/ (then user can rate this page)

        I recommend this plugin to everybody because this plugin is best
        thank you

  • Narasimha Rao

    Hi… first of all many thanks for the wonderful plugin…but i’m facing a problem…my wp theme loads posts as we scroll down…the stars show up perfectly on the initial page load….but as we scroll down the stars on the freshly loaded posts just look as plain grey stars instead of orange stars even to those posts for which ratings are given. Also when we hover over the stars of freshly loaded posts on the home page nothing happens …stars just look as plain grey stars…can u plz help me know what is the problem… you can check out this issue on my website moviebob.in

    thanks in advance…

  • http://www.cineramen.gr Nikos Drivas


    I installed kk-star ratings to my site http://www.cineramen.gr without noticing that is compatible up to 3.5.2 version (i only saw 3.0 and higher in the description). The plugin worked but as it seems with a cost…

    I usually start the content with a dropcap (shortcode) but following the installation of kk star i noticed that the dropcap is ok inside the post, but in the home page (the 1 of 2 pages my site has) or in the archives the first letter of the sentence (dropcap) is missing.

    i deactivated the plugin but the problem still exists. Any idea if there is a way to i fix that? I ‘m using theme-x ethos template 1 if that helps.

    Thanks in advance.

  • albara

    I did something wrong and in the home page it display the stars and i just want to disable it. Do you have a short-code so i can disable the Rating or the stars in a particular page?



    • bhittani

      Uncheck any option that says where you want to show the star ratings in the admin. Manually use the shortcode in your choice of posts/pages using the tinyMCE toolbar (star icon).

      • albara

        i already found the mistake i did in the code.

        anther thing, how can i get only the rating result for a specify property because i want to display it in the home page.

  • http://iosifszenasi.com/ Iosif

    Hey there!

    I am using your plugin on http://romanianblackfriday.com/oferte-vinerea-neagra-2014/ and for some reason the result is messed up when I am placing my mouse over the rating images. Could you please take a look?

    Thank you!

    • bhittani

      Apply the following css rule to your stylesheet (.css)

      .kk-star-ratings .kksr-stars, 
      .kk-star-ratings .kksr-stars .kksr-fuel, 
      .kk-star-ratings .kksr-stars a {
          background: transparent;
          border: 0;
      • http://iosifszenasi.com/ Iosif

        Thank you. Now it’s better but it does not display the current rating. Meaning, if I rate a post with 5 starts, it will not highlight it with 5 starts after the voting. Can we fix this?

        • bhittani

          Use the css below: (notice the ‘background-color’ instead of ‘background’)

          .kk-star-ratings .kksr-stars, 
          .kk-star-ratings .kksr-stars .kksr-fuel, 
          .kk-star-ratings .kksr-stars a {
              background-color: transparent;
              border: 0;
          • http://iosifszenasi.com/ Iosif

            Thank you! Now it is perfect!

      • ammar younas

        Hello bhittani
        i use kk star rating on my site http://k2t2.com i love that but issue is rating not show in google search result can u plz tell us why ?

  • Guilherme Celestino

    Hello, first congratulations for the plugin, I loved the way he behaves. Just needed to solve a problem, how to align the star rating to the middle of the screen? Thank you

  • http://seo.qalebfa.ir/ سئو

    How to block load


    in Homepage & Category page & Pages (only load in post Page)

  • Guest

    Hi there,
    I set “Clear line” to ON and an “amount of stars” to five and place your php code for use in theme files in my theme file for custom post type.

    But then a get a strange view of the stars added there. There are more than five stars added in two lines of stars. As you can see here:


    Any ideas what is going wrong?

    Thanks and regards

  • Roland

    Hi there,
    I set “Clear line” to ON and an “amount of stars” to five and place your php code for use in theme files in my theme file for custom post type.

    But then a get a strange view of the stars added there. There are more than five stars added in two lines of stars. As you can see here:


    Any ideas what is going wrong?

    Thanks and regards

  • filini

    Hi there,
    How to display percentage only?

    Thank you!

  • Xavier

    How can I use this plugin above my Feature Picture Posts? Is it Possible? Thanks!